Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Can VMWare ESX you by the 4 GB Limit says you can...

The conventional Citrix multiprocessor system must assign the same 4GB pool of kernel
memory to the activities of all processors present. Without kernel memory, much and
sometimes most processor power languishes, unused. When you use virtual machines, each instance of Citrix has its own virtual machine, using one or two CPUs; each CPU has its own 4GB of memory. A single, physical machine with four processors and four single-CPU virtual machines offers the kernel, user, and applications a 16GB limit, whereas the conventional system has only 4GB.

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64-Bit and Citrix

So many Citrix users choose 2 processor systems because of "non-linear" performance. ie 4 processors doesn't give 2x the capacity of a 2 processor system.

Okay, Okay - what about a 64 bit windows...
Terminal'>">Terminal Server and Citrix on AMD 64-bit Opteron Hardware.

Too good to be true right now as there isn't a 64-bit version of Citrix - I wonder when?

The 4GB Windows Memory Limit: What does it really mean?

The real limit for Citrix/TS seems to be 4 GB of RAM - not so much as CPUs.

The 4GB Windows Memory Limit: What does it really mean?: "People who are unfamiliar with the real meaning behind the 4GB Windows memory limit often point out that certain versions of Windows (such as Enterprise or Datacenter editions) can actually support more than 4GB of physical memory. However, adding more than 4GB of physical memory to a server still doesn't change the fact that it's a 32-bit processor accessing a 32-bit memory space. Even when more than 4GB of memory is present, each process still has the normal 2GB virtual address space, and the kernel address space is still 2GB, just as on a normal non-PAE system."

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Application Deployment | Streaming Applications

A product that completes with Softricity in the TS and client application delivery space.Application Deployment | Streaming Applications